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                                                      Ethernet over DS1 Bandwidth

Ethernet over DS1 price quotes can be easily obtained in real-time by using the pricing tool at the top of this page. Ethernet over DS1 (EoDS1) can be a cost-saving option for businesses currently using bonded T1, but because of their location, do not have access to Ethernet over Copper or Metro Ethernet. DS1 is also known as T1. EoDS1 is generally available at speeds of 10 mbps (megabits per second) while bonded T1 speeds range from 3 mbps up to 12 mbps.  

Ethernet over DS1 can often be installed without additional installation charges. EoDS1 can cost approximately $1600 per month, while a bonded T1 circuit of 10.5 mbps can average $2000 per month, or higher. Prices given are dependent upon location. An Ethernet over DS1 circuit may be used for point-to-point connections, MPLS networks or internet access.  

To receive customized Ethernet over DS1 price quotes and availability for your business location, please use the quoting tool at the top of this page. It’s free, real-time, easy to use and there is no obligation.  

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